Oral Session Presentation Guidelines

1. The language of the symposium is English.
2. The general oral presentation is allocated for 15 minutes presentations
and 5 minutes discussions. You have to keep this limitation for the
smooth progress of the symposium.
3. Please remember that most of the audience do not speak English as a
first language. So you are requested to talk slowly and clearly clearly.
4. There are 100 seats, microphones for the speaker, overhead projector,
and PC projector are equipped in the conference room.
5. The video camera type overhead projector is available. You have to
operate it by yourself.
6. The PC projector supports SVGA, XGA computer video output. Please
take your own note book computer for your presentation. We provide a
video cable to connect your note book PC to PC projector. Also you can
use power supply but please remember the commercial power supply in
china is 220 V.



Can you do your presentation in 15 minutes?
Can you talk slowly and clearly for non-native speakers of English?
Have you kept to use large text for slide enough?