International Workshop on Acoustic Surveys

of North Pacific Fisheries Resources


October 25, 1997

Pusan, Korea


WHEN: 09:00-18:00 October 25, 1997

WHERE: International Convention Center,

3rd Floor of Korea Inter-University Institute of Ocean Science

SPONSOR: The Korean Society of Fisheries Resources

The Korea Inter-University Institute of Ocean Science



Opening Ceremony Program

(09:00 - 10:00)

Saturday, 25th October 1997


09:00 - 09:10 Introduction to general information on the workshop

Dr. Jang-Uk Lee (Co-chairperson)

National Fisheries Research and Development

Institute (Rep. of Korea)


09:10 - 09:30 Opening address

Dr. Yong-Joo Kang

Professor, Pukyong National University

President, the Korean Society of Fisheries Resources

Remarks from Organizing Committee

Dr. Kohji Iida (Co-chairperson)

Professor, Faculty of Fisheries,

Hokkaido University (Japan)


09:30 - 10:00 Principles of acoustic fish resources survey

(Lecture) Dr. Jimmie J. Traynor

Alaska Fisheries Science Center (USA)


10:00 - 10:10 Break


Paper Session


Session 1 Basics of Acoustic Fish Resources Survey

(10:10 - 12:00) Dr. Donnald R. Gunderson

Chair University of Washington

Dr. Suam Kim

Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute

10:10 - 10:30 L1. Choosing a scientific echosounder and post processing software

Dr. Ian R. Higginbottom

SonarData, Hobart, Australia

10:30 - 10:50 A1. A proposal of a self-checking quantitative echo sounder

Masahiko Furusawa

10:50 - 11:10 A2. Improvement in bottom detection for research of demersal fish using


DooJin Hwang, Kohji Iida, Yoshimi Takao,

Yoichi Miyanohana, Kouichi Sawada and Tsuyoshi Okumura

11:10 - 11:30 A3. The use of acoustic measurements for in-season management of marine


Gary. L. Thomas

11:30 - 11:50 A4. Data acquisition, management, quality control and processing for acoustic surveys: Methods of best practice.

Tim Pauly and Ian R. Higginbottom


11:50 - 12:00 Introduction of poster papers


12:00 - 13:00 Lunch at cafeteria, Doldamjip, in Pukyong National University




13:00 - 13:30 P1. System for registration and analyses echo sounder data

Nikolayev Alexander

P2. Breaking down the barriers to acoustic data processing: SonarData Echoview

Ian R. Higginbottom and Timothy J. Pauly



P3. Surface layer biomass distribution characteristics using optical and hydroacoustic remote sensing methods in the waters of Northeastern Taiwan

Cheng-Hsin Liao, Kuo-Tien Lee, MIng-Anne Lee, and Hsueh-Jung Lu


P4. Preliminary results of acoustic survey data analysis for juvenile southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) (1996-1997)

T. Nishida, T. Inagaki, K. Miyashita, H. Kishino, and J. L. Laake

P5. Development of quantitative echo sounding and high sensitive camera systems for underwater robots

Yoichi Miyanohana, Kouichi Sawada, Yoshimi Takao,

Hideyuki Takahashi, Ken'ichi Oda, Akihiko Matsuda,

Katsuo Hasegawa and Yasuyuki Yamakoshi

P6. Development and utilization of hydroacoustic method of sardine resources evaluation and studies of a behaviour

V. N. Vologdin and V. A. Belyaev

P7. Distribution and relative abundance of anchovy in Korean waters

Young-Min Choi, Zang-Geun Kim, Cha-Soo Park

and Young-Seup Kim

P8. Comparison of acoustic detection descriptors of anchovy in Korean waters

Zang-Geun Kim, Young-Min Choi, Cha-Soo Park and Young-Seup Kim


P9. Distribution of scattering layer in Korean waters

Zang-Geun Kim, Young-Min Choi, Cha-Soo Park and Young-Seup Kim


P10. Target strength measurement of encaged juvenile fish

Kohji Iida, Tohru Mukai and DooJin Hwang

P11. In situ target strength of walleye pollock Theragra chalcogramma (Pallas) and arabesque greenling Pleurogrammus azonus Jordan et Metz

Tomonori Kaneta, Hiroya Miyake, Masami Mizuno, Hideo Yoshida,

Ryotaro Ishida, Masashi Natsume, Kohji Iida and Tohru Mukai

P12. Distribution and stomach contents of Maurolicus muelleri in the Japan Sea

(East Sea)

Seiji Ohshimo

P13. The spatial distribution of biological scatters by ADCP backscattered signal

near the South Islands and Elephant Island, Antarctica, in 1997 austral summer

Donhyung Kang and Suam Kim


Session 2 Measurements and Applications of Target Strength of Fish for the Acoustic Survey

(13:30 - 15:20)

Chair Dr. Kohji Iida

Hokkaido University

Dr. Jimmie J. Traynor

Alaska Fisheries Science Center

13:30 - 13:50 L2. Target strength of fish

Dr. Yoichi Miyanohana

National Research Institute of Fisheries

Engineering, Japan


13:50 - 14:10 B1. Precise fish target strength pattern measurement by the control method in an indoor tank

K. Sawada, Y. Takao, T. Okumura, J. Sakai,

K. Shirakaihara and Y. Miyanohana

14:10 - 14:30 B2. Acoustic survey of the diurnal vertical migration of Pacific hake off south-west of Vancouver Island

Akira Hamano, Robert Kieser, Ken Cooke,

Gordon A. McFarlane and Toyoki Sasakura

14:30 - 14:50 B3. Hydroacoustic investigation on the distribution characteristics of the anchovy in the East Sea of Korea

MyoungHee, Kang and Gab Dong, Yoon

14:50 - 15:10 B4. Study on acoustical estimation of distribution and abundance of isada krill Euphsusia pacifica Hansen, off the Sanriku and off the Jhoban, northern


Kazushi Miyashita, Ichiro Aoki, Tadashi Asami,

Hideki Mori and Kenji Taki


15:10 - 15:20 Break


Session 3 Typical Acoustic Survey and Data Analysis

(15:20 - 17:00) Dr. Masahiko Furusawa

Chair Tokyo University of Fisheries

Dr. Robert Kieser

Pacific Biological Station



15:20 - 15:40 L3. Applying geostatistics into an acoustic survey

Dr. Satoshi Honda

Hokkaido National Fisheries Institute, Japan

15:40 - 16:00 C1. The diel vertical movement of deep scattering layers monitored by the drogue-site acoustic method in the I-Lan Bay, Taiwan

Shih-Chin Chou, Ming-Anne Lee and Kou-Tien Lee

16:00 - 16:20 C2. Biomass estimation of walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma by the echo integration and midwater trawl survey in the Bering Sea during May´June 1997

Seok-Gwan Choi, Chul-In Baik, Won-Seok Yang,

Soon-Song Kim, Taeg-Yun Oh and Doo-nam Kim

16:20 - 16:40 C3. Acoustic assessment of spawning walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma, off western Hokkaido, Japan, October 1996

Hiroya Miyake, Tomonori Kaneta, Masami Mizuno,

Hideo Yoshida, Ryotaro Ishida, Masashi Natsume,

Kohji Iida and Tohru Mukai

16:40 - 17:00 C4. Application of the acoustic method in biomass estimation of multi-species fisheries in the South China Sea

Rosidi bin Ali, Raja Bidin bin Raja Hassan,

Albert Chuan Gambang, Samsudin bin Basir,

Hadil bin Rajali, Kunimune Shiomi and Shunji Fujiwara


17:00 - 17:10 Break


Session 4 Prospect of Fisheries Acoustics and General Discussion

(17:10 - 17:40) Dr. Jang-Uk Lee

Chair Dr. Kohji Iida

Dr. Masahiko Furusawa

Dr. Jimmie J. Traynor


17:40 Closing remarks


18:00 Reception at the campus garden of Pukyong National University


L : Keynote speech (invited), A, B, C : Oral presentation, P : Poster presentation

* Poster presentation will be continued until 17:00.

A hotel shuttle bus will eave Pusan Grand Hotel for Pukyong National University at 08:20 on

Saturday October 25.

Lunch tickets (4,000) will be sold at the registration desk of the workshop.

Submitted papers and posters presented will be peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of

the Korean Society of Fisheries Resources. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to

the society by December 31, 1997.