International Workshop
Acoustic Surveys of North Pacific Fisheries Resources

Pusan, Korea
25 October 1997
in conjunction with
PICES 6th Annual Meeting

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In recent years, conservation and management of fish resources has experienced serious problems worldwide. Hydroacoustic surveys can provide superior information for the assessment of fisheries stocks, however there are some limitations and prerequisites that require careful attention. The forthcoming workshop will address relevant topics and aims to popularize acoustic fish resource surveys.

Date and Venue

The International Workshop on Acoustic Surveys of North Pacific Fisheries Resources will be held in Pusan, Korea, on Saturday, 25 October 1997, at Korea Inter-University Institute of Ocean Science, Pukyong University, in conjunction with the PICES 6th Annual Meeting.

25th October, 1997.
Korea Inter-University Institute of Ocean Science
Pukyong University
Nam_Ku, Pusan, KOREA
Phone: +82-051-
Fax: +82-051-

Organizing committee and Co-Conveners

Major Topics and Keywords

  1. Basics of acoustic fish resource survey
    Theory of hydroacoustics, Echosounder, Echo integration, Split/dual/ideal beam systems,
    Calibration, Post processing systems, Hardware/software tools for acoustic survey
  2. Measurements and applications of target strength of fish for the acoustic survey
    Length dependence, Species dependence, In situ TS, Diel variation, Tank experiments, Juvenile, Swimbladder
  3. Typical acoustic survey and data analysis
    Pelagic/demersal fish, Species apportionment, Survey design, Geostatistics, GIS

Call for Papers (closed)

Language must be English. Each session includes invited lectures and several contributed papers. Contributed papers are welcome on all relevant topics in fisheries acoustics. Time for each presentation including discussion is 20 minutes. An abstract less than 200 words should be submitted to Secretariat by Fax or E-mail. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is Monday, 25 August 1997.


All interested participants are free to attend the workshop. For more information and pre-registration, please contact with the workshop co-conveners at the following addresses.


Dr. Jang Uk Lee, Co-Chairperson, Secretariat
Fisheries Resources Department
National Fisheries Research and Development Agency
408-1 Shirang-ri, Kijang-up, Kijang Pusan, KOREA
Tel:82-51-720-2200, Fax:82-51-720-2337
Dr. Kohji Iida, Co-Chairperson
Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University
3-1-1, Minatocho
Hakodate, 041, JAPAN
Tel:81-138-40-8852, Fax:81-138-43-5015
Dr. Suam Kim
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
Ansan P.O. Box 29
Seoul, 425-600, KOREA
Tel:82-345-400-6420, Fax:82-345-408-5825
Dr. Masahiko Furusawa
Tokyo University of Fisheries
5-7, Konan 4, Minatoku
Tokyo, 108, JAPAN
Tel: 81-3-5463-5489, Fax:81-3-5463-0518
Dr. Jimmie J. Traynor
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
7600 Sand Point Way N.E., Bldg. 4
Seattle, WA 98115-0070, USA
Tel:1-206-526-4164, Fax:1-206-526-6723
Dr. Donald R. Gunderson
Fisheries Research Institute, University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195, USA
Tel:1-206-543-7878, Fax:1-206-685-7471
Dr. Robert Kieser
Pacific Biological Station
Nanaimo, B. C.
Tel: 1-604-756-7181, Fax: 1-250-756-7053

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International Workshop on Acoustic Surveys of North Pacific Fisheries Resources
PUSAN, 25 October 1997


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