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Point of contact
3-1-1 Minato-cho, Hakodate
Hokkaido 041-8611 JAPAN
Faculty of Fisheries Sciences
Hokkaido University


The Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society has the following programs.
(1) To organize the science meeting to discuss on Fisheries Acoustics.
(2) To research the specific theme on Fisheries Acoustics in Asia.
(3) To contribute the education and training about Fisheries Acoustics in Asia.
(4) To support the cooperative works for acoustic surveys and experiments in Asia.
(5) To emit the profitable information about Fisheries Acoustics for members.

■ Science Group ■

There are five science groups categolized by the field of research in fisheries acoustics.

1)Acoustic Technology (SGAT chaired by Y. NISHIMORI)
Investigate new technologies in fisheries acoustics.
2)Theory and Target Strength (SGTS chaired by K. SAWADA)
Investigate theoretical and practical problems on fisheries acoustics including target strength of animals.
3)Echo Survey (SGES chaired by K. MIYASHITA)
Research methodologies and evaluation of acoustic fisheries survey.
4)Acoustic Application (SGAA chaired by T. AKAMATSU
Research broad aspects of underwater acoustics for fishery and fishery surveys.
5)Ecosystem Monitoring (SGEM chaired by T. MUKAI)
Research methodologies and evaluation of ecosystem monitoring.

Working Group (WG)

Several working groups are working on specific themes.
1) Working group on pelagic fish (WGPF hosted by D. Hwang)
2) Working group on Jellyfish (WGJF hosted by D. Hwang)
3) Working group on biotelemetry (WGBT hosted by Y. Miyamoto)

If the member wants to organize working group on special interest, he/she must submit the proposal which includes
(1)Name of WG
(5)Action plan
to the general meeting, then the WG is authorized in AFAS.

The chairperson of the WG must report their activities to the general meeting of AFAS.Working groups start their activities following the recommendation of this meeting.

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