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Point of contact
3-1-1 Minato-cho, Hakodate
Hokkaido 041-8611 JAPAN
Faculty of Fisheries Sciences
Hokkaido University



1. Name
The name of this society is Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society.

2. Objective
The Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society promotes the progress and the popularization of science and technologies on Fisheries Acoustics in Asia.

3. Activities
The Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society has the following programs.
(1) It organizes the science meeting to discuss on Fisheries Acoustics.

(2) It researches the specific theme on Fisheries Acoustics in Asia.
(3) It contributes the education and training about Fisheries Acoustics in Asia.
(4) It supports the cooperative works for acoustic surveys and experiments in Asia.
(5) It emits the profitable information about Fisheries Acoustics for members.

4. Membership
(1) Any researchers who are interested in Fisheries Acoustics in Asia, or who support the AFAS activities can become regular members of AFAS.
(2) A person who wants to join the membership should propose the application to AFAS secretariat with personal information (i.e., name, affiliation, address, TEL/FAX, Email)

5. Directors
(1) Honorary Chairman(1 person), Chairman(1 person), Vice-chairman(2 persons), board members(15 persons), Scientific advisers(2 person), and secretary(1 person) are placed in this society.
(2) Chairman and Vice-chairman are elected by the regular member’s vote in the general meeting based on the recommendation by the board of directors.
(3) Board members are elected by the current board of directors.
(4) Scientific Advisers and Secretary are invited by the board.
(5) Director's term of office is two years. However, it is possible to be reappointed.

6. Management
(1) This society is managed under voluntary donation by members and supporters.
(2) This society does not collect membership fee from members.
(3) The business year of this society is assumed from January 1 to December 31 every year.

7. Conference
(1) Conferences consist of the general meeting, directors meeting, and the meetings of science committee (SC), studying group (SG), and working group (WG).
(2) The general meeting is held once in a year in Asian country.

(3) The member can make research presentation and discussion at the annual meeting.

8. Publication
This society publishes the report book after the annual meeting as soon as possible.

9. Secretariat
The secretariat has its office in the chairman’s affiliation.

Enacted in November 25, 2016

Copyright (C) by Asian Acoustic Fisheries Society 2008.